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Nov 24, 2006



If you have any sort of stopover in Keflavik then it's essential that you take advantage of the fact that it has the most relaxing passtime in the world: a regular bus service runs from the front of the terminal to the Blue Lagoon volcanic spas, a series of outdoor rockpools where you can lounge for a happy hour or so (you usually get a ticket free from Air Iceland on check-in). Take your own gear or hire some there with towels and the like. Even better in winter than summer, too!

[Insert something about virtual worlds here. Probably saunas in Second Life if you're brave.]


It's probably not made clear in the article or the press release: The name of the universe is EVE or New Eden. Tranquility is the name of the main game server that everyone plays on (except for China, which gets their own server, Serenity), whereas Singularity (aka Sisi) is the public test server and a few other internal test servers have similar codenames (i.e. Entropy).

>Let's say you can mod up your client software in such a way that provides you with some advantage over me, is it unfair if I don't share it with you?

CCP's TOS thinks so. Player moding of the client is disalowed. This is probably true for most comercial MMOs.


World of Warcraft supports modding of UI, e.g. see here.


You already have that german client: there is only one EVE client. Just switch over to german :)
Viel SpaƟ!

BTW: localized clients are a double-edged sword. On one side, they divide the community, on the other side they allow players to comprehend what's going on if they are incapable of speaking english.

But there's different approaches in localizing itself: translate ALL (like in WoW) or translate only item and mission descriptions as well as client messages (like in EVE).

The latter keeps the different players still somewhat in sync while the former completely seperates one from the other, creating entirely distinct communities.
Complete localisation would be utterly stupid for EVE where all players inhabit the same server. WoW provides plenty of different servers and so Blizzard is able to run language-specific worlds for german, french or spanish speaking players.

Despite being german, I play WoW (and EVE as well) with the english EU-Client. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to really use tools like thottbot.com or MapWoW.com. Because most items and Mobs as well as many locations have a completely different name if you play with the german client.
Some of these tools are available also in german but their content mostly is copied down and translated from the original english-language sites and therefore not as complete and up-to-date like their original counterparts.


You already have that german client: there is only one EVE client. Just switch over to german :)
You're right - a number of langauge options including German are offered in my client. Its funny how as an English speaker I never tuned into the availability of these other options. I wonder whether this awareness (or lack of) is equally shared among all language groups. It sounds like from your description that other language player groups are more likely to be aware of and users of at least one other language localization (English).


Eve has very robout protection against client "hacks". Including blocking the font mods which ~25% of the community used until the "fix" of several months ago.

Funny, the devs stopped giving the resular monthly ever-higher subscription counts after that. One might even think that the default font was poor...

...Nah. Heh.

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