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Oct 18, 2006



Thanks Nate! :)

And thanks to Nic Ducheneaut for inviting me to give the PARC talk.


What a luxury to be able to enjoy that excellent presentation via video. Bravo, Nick -- great stuff. And Bravo, PARC for the online access.


Excellent lecture. Thanks for posting the link.


Fantastic presentation /standing ovation :)


You get more than 3-4 items in a 5 hour run! Well, unless you're in Naxx, or just killing Onyxia... Don't pass that sweet loot to your publisher, either.

I was impressed with how you tackled the cultural aspect of MMO play. You gave that a clarity and depth that I haven't seen very often. This video has a lot to offer, regardless of somebody's experience level with MMOs or game scholarship.

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