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Sep 27, 2006



Excellent! Watching the video now!

And while we're on the issue of RMT - I was wondering - is anyone doing any research on Sony's Station Exchange? Or has anyone kept track of how that's going?

Because I haven't really heard anything about it since it was launched last year...but looks to still be up and running!

Anyways - it just popped into my mind with a question mark that I thought I'd post here!! ;)


We're going to release a White Paper soon with a bunch of data on Station Exchange.


Andy -- Jeepers! That's great!

Send us a link when you it comes out and we'll do a post on it!


Dan, thanks for the kind words. We're aiming to make this a community effort, so if you are interested in virtual property and RMT, feel free to join in and contribute.

Andrew, wow, looking forward to that data!

All the best,

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