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Sep 30, 2006



Nate, I really like this series. Some more "Avatarization of you"-style links you might like:

> 1.) Fabjectory:...

Check out Mark's other Fabjectory post on 3pointD with more pics of himself in different avatar forms: The Many Faces of Walker Spaight. The avatar population bomb! We'll be up to 20 gazillion avatars on the planet before you know it--luckily they consume fewer natural resources, only eat information, and don't contribute much to global warming ;).

I love this older post of Torley Linden taking a tour across a bunch of different virtual worlds and recreating her avatar is each (inspired in part by Betsy Book's Virtual Worlds Review site): Macross the Universe.

Master machinimist Pierce Portocarrero just released his latest piece, Game Over, which looks to be a sort of homage to his real life relationship with his girlfriend (please don't ask me to explain exactly how, it's just gorgeous). 3pointD calls it something like "a parable of love in the age of self-replicating objects". You wouldn't even know this was shot in Second Life, it's such its own thing.

I'm also really excited about this new indie film, Four Eyed Monsters. It's a true story made by and documenting the relationship of two young'ns who met online and struggled to make a meaningful connection in the age of self-replicating social networks, or something, ha ("the mating ritual is changing"). The trailer does a nice job of explaining and this is from a Fast Company article about the film: "Eventually, in the way of youth the world over, they concluded that their courtship had to be immortalized--and that only a full-length feature film would suffice." Four Eyed Avatars! There are also some awesome scenes of talking MySpace pages in the film that get you thinking about avatars and social networks.

I've started up a campaign to bring Four Eyed Monsters screenings to Second Life, as the filmmakers, Arin and Susan, are bringing the film to any city with 150 requests. If you look at the request page they've actually added Second Life to the list of countries which I think is really great and intersting. We're almost there, please put in your requests if you're interested in seeing it! :) (They ask that we type "2nd Life" into the zip code box and you'll find the SL heart floating off the coast of Africa on the Google Map, as neither outer space nor the Bermuda Triangle would work ;).)

Mark has the 3pointD take on Four Eyed Monsters, and Hamlet writes about SL's recognition as a real location for a screening.

Oh, and as I re-read Mark's post don't forget lonelygirl15, the sneakiest video avatar around!


The Second Life avatarization of Stephen Colbert video on YouTube. Hysterical!


Avatarization seems to be a way of escaping reality.

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