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Jul 26, 2006



I left some comments on the SWI blog, but thought I'd ask some questions here:

1. Why choose an RP server? I think the communication and behavior and demographics are different... Maybe hoping people wouldn't gank the guild's exploration of Azeroth?

2. Why choose Alliance? Silver Hand has one of the most extreme faction imbalances for an RP server. At one point, there were more Night Elves than all of Horde combined. Also, Horde players tend to view themselves as the oppressed (and I like to root for their underdog mentality). By siding with Alliance you're limiting your sight by siding with the dominant culture. Maybe.

3. Why choose Silver Hand? It's also one of the most crowded, lag heavy servers around. Seems an odd choice.

The choice of Silver Hand, however, does allow for some things for me personally. It means I won't have to switch servers, and, since the guild I started since opening weekend is Horde, if you would like, we could orchestrate some PvP craziness.

PS. for a draft of an ethnographic account of Molten Core check out my blog.


Congratulations on the launch, Ted. I'm especially looking forward to the next Ludium. :D

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