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Jul 29, 2006



Awesome. A little whle back public radio's Radio Open Source program recorded an episode live inside Second Life. There's a short piece of machinima about it here.

Anecdote: I met one of the Infinite Mind hosts during the recent SL Relay for Life (that raised US$40,000 btw, for those who missed it), standing in an Irish bar in a recreation of Dublin, listening to an avatar on stage who was streaming live guitar-playing and singing into SL. So cool how tangled and accessible all these efforts are right now. It's good times.


BTW I can't wait to see Vonnegut inworld. I'm totally showing up as a Tralfamadorian!


I'm quite excited to see that... and I can see this as one of several media companies doing a similar move in the future, including filiations of the biggest players.

Moot courts like the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court will be next.


Update: The Infinite Mind is now doing a series of broadcasts about Second Life and virtual worlds in their regular weekly NPR show. They can be heard here.

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