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Jun 05, 2006



In reference to Andy Havens post (Jun 20, 2006 5:08:28 PM):
I mentioned something similar to this a few weeks back (Guilds and Government June 6, 2006). I had in mind, as Mike Sellers (Guilds and Government Jun 6, 2006 5:47:18 PM) noted, is a Nomic of sorts but designed from the ground up for research purposes as much as for entertainment purposes. As they stand now research within current games is limited due to the design of the games and limited access to the data reports.
A few games, such as Eutropia, Eve and Second Life have demonstrated the possibilities of VR economies and persistent universes, as a researcher I don’t have access to the data that I need to properly evaluate the behavior. This God’s eye view perspective would be enormously useful (possibly mandatory) in determining larger more subtle behavior patterns that would otherwise be lost. Personally I feel that the ethics and privacy concerns it would be necessary and probably must less of a hassle in the long run, to build a game from the ground up. If you set up your economy similar to Eutropia’s it is quite possible that this research project could be self sustaining. However, I suggest that RW academic (and probably government with a real cash economy) oversight would still be required.


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see Synthetic worlds as petri dishes

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