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Jun 10, 2006



The most interesting part of this analysis is on the final page of the demographics: http://www.nickyee.com/daedalus/archives/001525.php?page=4

I was struck by the fact that in the 18+ age category about 60%tried role-playing, but only about 20% actually stuck with it and identified themselves as regular RPers.

This gives credence to idea of having RP servers, such as DAoC, WoW and EQ2 have. Of all the RP server approaches I've seen, DAoC's always struck me as the best, because of their character naming system and their fairly cost-effective (and fair) way of enforcing it.

from the character creations article: On WoW, everyone is an orphan. Well, that's true most places where you roleplay because it's easier than having any kind of relationship with ... parents. *gasp* [WoW, F, 21]

To me, this is one of the more puzzling standards of RPG/MMORPG authorship, the complete lack of parents (which is usually simply not explained or introduced as a topic inside the magic circle).

In WoW (to use the state of the art) it's actually a bit more forgivable as everything is more stripped down and basic. In Everquest 1 I found it to be a bit troubling that although my character came from this basically supportive druid grove/community, no one ever mentioned my folks.

My question is why don't developers ever throw some sort of family into it? I've thought before that it would be pretty trivial to make an instanced tutorial zone that was the character's village (town, city, dystopic planetary outpost, etc.) that contained a randomly generated family for the player to be tutored by, and that they could return to from time to time for questing, maybe their family house could also serve as a bank access point, etc.)

Discussions of mechanics aside, why avoid the virtual family? After all, in real life you don't pick your parents so why would a player mind being assigned virtual instanced parents (note: I am not discussing other ideas I've seen which have newbie players actually being "born" to other characters. Although interesting, that idea has numerous problems that are immediately obvious especially in large-scale VWs.).

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