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May 10, 2006



If you're going to nick our suddenly-fashionable terms, it's grok.


Buzzword compliant? Check
Second Life related? Check
Pseudo-intellectual, naval-gazing babble? Check

Looks like we've got the makings of a perfect TN post.


i pwn


Actually, the post lacks one essential element: a WoW reference. So here you are. My fave WoWcast is The Instance: http://www.myextralife.com/wow/

Any other WoW related or even other MMO related podcasts anyone wants to let TN readers know about?


hey Ren, you've left out the leading SL podcast (on which I'm a regular guest, of course): SecondCast.

Also, John Swords and I are starting up an OOC podcast on all things metaversal, at The Metaverse Sessions. Upcoming guests already taped and being edited:
Jerry Paffendorf
Reuben Steiger
Sibley Verbeck
Robert Scoble and son
Doug Englebart


Did Linden Labs pay for this advertisement?

There is absolutely no content to this "article" nor anything worth discussing. This reads like a press release from Linden Labs.

As an added bonus, we also got to read yet another overuse of the word "meme."

Come on folks. Terra Nova used to be better than this.


Mark > hey Ren, you've left out the leading SL podcast (on which I'm a regular guest, of course): SecondCast.

Mark - good call, yes I meant to ask about people's fave VW related Podcasts. Just so the hivemind could complie a list.


Michael > Did Linden Labs pay for this advertisement?

I wish.

Thought there is still time.


Thanks for compiling this list, Ren!

Other good MMO-themed podcasts include EQ2-Daily, WoW Radio, and Game/On on MMORPG.COM.

When I was playing Everquest II regularly as part of the course on virtual worlds, I was particularly impressed by EQ2-Daily. The show is hosted by three guys who used to play games together in college. They've since moved on to careers and marriages, but they use the podcast (and the game) as a way of keeping in touch with each other. They do a great job of nurturing fan community without taking themselves too seriously.

On a different topic, it seems like you can't catch a break from the critics. Last week, you were chastised for discussing political issues. This week, you're busted for mentioning Second Life and using the word "meme." What's next? A discussion of anti-war memes circulated by Second Life residents?

Ren, when will you learn that games have absolutely nothing to do with politics, culture, and ideology? Can we just talk about games, please? You know... ideologically neutral games such as Full Spectrum Warrior, The Sims 2, Hitman, Gears of War, Kuma/War, America's Army, Playboy: The Mansion, Left Behind: Eternal Forces, Desperate Housewives, Uber Soldier, and Tycoon City: New York.


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