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May 25, 2006



Yes, I agree with you this is a great offer. The salAry might be a bit to low for this fantastic job.


We average around 1,000 unique IP hits per day, and several thousand page views.

Isn't that sorta... small for an active, dedicated game blog? 1k hits per day for the premier news site on a game that claims 100k active users? I'm thinkin' somebody is fudging the numbers, and I don't think the SL Herald is lowballing their readership...

But I am impressed that TerraNova managed to cover something even smaller than A Tale in the Desert. Great dedication to examining the driving forces behind virtual worlds. I'm sure you guys will figure out what makes these worlds fun one of these days.

Seriously, am I right in thinking that TerraNova itself has easily 50 to 100 times more daily unique IP hits than the SLH? Is there any reason we should really care what 1,000 people are reading daily, and maybe 10,000 people are playing? Does the SLH really represent anything more than a rounding error in the vast scheme of virtual worlds?


I don't think the pay is low, really. It's basically a job for a fan/hobbyist who would do it anyway -- and it doesn't look like the Herald is run by Second Life, so it's basically a fan job.

My understanding is that even folks working at allakazams were working part-time and on a volunteer basis. I think the video game fan site job market is a bit tighter than one might think at first. =P


Since you asked, I checked. We have 2.4m hits since inception, averaging 3000-4000 daily. 3700 so far today, 25,000 overt he past seven days.


What about people grabbing your RSS feeds? Does that boost those stats some?



>RSS feeds
By Alexa
SLH has reach/million of ~4-5/m
TN about 45-55/m


OMG who cares about this drivel! Seriously, the fact that the TN writers gleefully jump on the SL powered press and marketing machine makes me want to come here less and less.

SL touts that they have 200,000+ members, but in reality there are only about 12,000 hard core active members with no more than 6000 logged in during their busiest hours. Therefore it makes sense that SLH would have maybe around 4,000 unique hits a month. Hardly worth writing about.

Would love to see more postings about where, SL, PE, ATITD, There.com, etc will take their virtual worlds over the next 5 to 10 years.


The job they describe is not a hobby. It's full-time and probably then some (I used to do it in the real world). They won't come close to achieving the little bit they describe above at $100/month (unless they find some raving SL fanpeep to do it ... which I'm sure is exactly what they're counting on). I mean, journalist pay in RL is lousy ... but not THAT lousy.

Good luck, though -- it would be really neat to see "virtual" journalism done right (for a change).

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