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Apr 22, 2006



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Yes, Yoo Media will produce the Tringo ITV version for Europe - it will be a multiplayer version with a skill based gaming approach. We hope to announce additional Tringo deals for other platforms as well.

Sean Ryan
CEO, Donnerwood Media


Wow, that has to be some of the wordiest casino spam ever. Up until the rather unusual choice of vocab and sentence structure I thought that was a genuine post!


Hi Sean -I'm Nathans Mum and I would like to take this opportunity in thanking you for giving Nathan this big break in life. As you can imagine, I'm very proud of what he's done and look forward to the game being released in N.Z - is there a chance that might happen in the near future? I'm also keen to hear how the British T.V game goes as I was born in London & one of my cousins was a camerman for either ITV or ITN (can't remember which), but he went on to be the camerman for the Queen Mother. Hope all goes well.


Tringo launches on sky channel 842 on 29-Jan from 5pm


"Tringo launches on sky channel 842 on 29-Jan from 5pm"
It moved to 8pm on the 7th January.

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