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Apr 01, 2006



This is very interesting. Design patterns to the same end such as the problematic use of decorators or broader Design by Contract techniques suffer from scalability problems (not to mention developer overhead). Pushing the responsibility to the language would allow for optimizations as pointed out in the paper. I'll be interested to see a full implementation of this.

My knee-jerk question is one of purity of A(tomicity) for objects participating in STM. This imposes an implied constraint on reliance upon Reflective design techniques because polymorphism of objects could violate optimistic invariants unless all dynamic behavior is consistently understood at design time. Am I correct about this, or would the language-level usage of invariants detect and deal with this?


Recent related ACM article.

ACM Queue vol. 4, no. 10 - December 2006 / January 2007

Multicore programming with transactional memory

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