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Mar 24, 2006



Let the bidding commence!


So Stormgaard got his/her wish?

(Heh. ;-)

In my imaginary world where good things happen, Raph would be joining Warren Spector at Junction Point. Now that would be something worth sitting up and taking note of.

But starting his own shop would probably be pretty exciting for a lot of people as well.

Regardless: Good luck on whatever you wind up doing, Raph.





*adds a Mr. Fusion power supply to the rumor mill*


This is great news. Good luck on wherever you land Raph!


Good luck Raph. Lets hope that all the badgering you've taken over the past few weeks has you thinking that its about time you stake your name on an MMO that will change the world... No matter what you decide to do or where you land, I wish you the best of luck.


Great news and overdue. Maybe now they can produce a successful GAME instead of a failing SERVICE.


My biggest wish: Raph ends up with CCP.

My reality: anyone other than SOE will do.

Good luck Raph.


Thank goodness. Now I hope Raph gets to work with people who can make his ideas real.

Best of luck, Raph.


>Great news and overdue. Maybe now they can produce a successful GAME instead of a failing SERVICE.

None of SOE's currently offered products fit the "failing service rather than successful game" tab, so nice try, I guess?


Hmm... I just wish I could announce in a few weeks that he's joining 'Project Myra' - but for the time being there's not enough to offer him, so that might have to wait until after hin next job :-)


Good for you, Raph. Follow your heart. Shouldn't be hard to do, it's a big one.


Good luck Raph, as a big fan of your games I hope you will find a company willing to allow you to create a game that presents a real virtual world and not just a movie rights francise.


Good luck to you Raph. I look forward to hearing about your next project (and most likely giving it a shot as a player).

P.S. Can some moderator please delete that "wow gold" crap?


I expect to see Legend MUD II married with some of the spirit of early MUD-Dev. Good luck!


> My biggest wish: Raph ends up with CCP.

Oh my god, please no. He's ruined two franchises now (for me, not for all), I do not want him destroying the one MMO I'm still playing.

Good luck to him where he goes, but he makes a particular kind of MMO, offering particular kinds of activities, and those activities are not inline with my play interests.


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