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Feb 20, 2006



I just wanted to echo how great it was being there with Betsy and Josh, talking to not quite my normal crowd. There was a solid amount of interest in the audience as evidenced by the questions we all three took, but I have a feeling that a lot of the people there weren't entirely prepared for how far VWs have come and some of the issues we're facing in them. We covered a lot of ground and I at least learned some interesting things about RMT, gold farmers, and brand-farming (not at all the same thing!) in these worlds.

FWIW I still disagree with Josh about the nature of ownership of virtual assets, but have learned that he's an engaging speaker and incisive thinker. Even if he can't handle romantic comedies (see, these are the sorts of things you learn after the talks are over).

And I won't even talk about the Madagscar hissing cockroaches... (sorry, Betsy!)


What stands out to me is the emphasis on immersion and P2P models. I don't see that from Philippine game publishers, most of whom are still trapped by Industrial Age top-down marketing ideas.


Thanks to all who participated. I wish I could have gone. Instead I stayed at home and did some incredibly stupid things. :(


OMG - i had no idea you were there!! Damn, damn, damn.

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