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Jan 13, 2006



There was some light RMT in Island of Kesmai on CIS in the same time frame as the Megawars III stuff too. My memory recalls something, but whether it was characters or drake potions, "dps" (stat enhancing potions) and youth potions (or all the above), I don't recall. One player of many characters (more than my eight!) was the most commonly suspected buyer. Because experience could be transferred by killing another character, some exiting players would turn over their characters to those who remained (and at times cash was reputed to change hands) and they would be "drained" before being deleted. I was the beneficiary of a bit of this (though on a free basis) myself.

Because the game cost $6 (and some paid $16 earlier on when playing at higher baud rates) per hour for CIS connection, $1000 for a character with a lot of experience could be a real bargain. You were gonna more than pay that in connection costs to earn the exp you could siphon off in minutes with repeated killing and rezzing.


Nobody ever remembers this, but in the late 70s and particularly the early 80s on the original PLATO system developed by Don Bitzer at UIUC's CERL, multiplayer dungeoncrawls such as Avatar and Oubliette saw items and characters changing hands for money. As a matter of fact, almost all of the non-PVP-related issues everyone natters on about regarding WoW today were issues with Avatar back before Bina & Andreesen pounded out Mosaic next door to CERL. Avatar was available nationwide (wherever there was a PLATO system :-), supported a MASSIVE number of 40 simultaneous players (up to 200 as time went on), and saw griefing, player weddings, real-live vendettas developing from in-game activity, player clans, the occasional corrupt game operator, maaany lowered university GPAs, etc.


Dan S>There was some light RMT in Island of Kesmai on CIS in the same time frame as the Megawars III stuff too.

That doesn't surprise me at all. Indeed, vague memories are stirring as to its having been mentioned to me at the time. I don't know what the year would be, but it would be somewhere around 1987, too.



I don't recall planet ever being bought or sold in MW3 probably because given the 4 week turnover by the time your planet got really big it was almost time for reset.

If the universe had been more persistent I am sure it would have happened of course our way of transfering planets was just to roll some Dreadnoughts in and pound it to dust which at $6per hour could become costly but was a lot of fun at least for the pounders.


In all my years in MW3 I never heard of a planet being sold. And I even ran the forum for a bit after Gill. And the similarities to Genie’s SE were cosmetic. Planet PMing and combat worked completely different there. As did strategy. The real issue with real $ was mules. Folks would go off and get a few extra CompuServe accounts, a few extra phone lines and a few extra computers. Then get a front end and scout the whole galaxy in the first night. Later use those same multiple accounts to take or burn a planet in a matter of hours or even minutes. Planets came and went too easily in MW3 to be sold in the real world. Folks who had the $ and wanted to win would pay for mules and use them. Two or three accounts running all night and some time during the day at $6 an hour running figs back and forth for the duration of the war? That’s how you “purchased” a planet. $1000 was nothing. And Starhawk's correct. It was more fun, especially for the pounders.


Theres no way planets were sold in MW3. In the early days of MW3, the game was so dominated by the Kesmai staff itself (Dorsai! Templars, Killer Rabbits, etc.) that they killed their own game, right at a time when CS was actually advertising it. They sat on the IMPS shooting any newb trying to get out, and they not only 'unested' any planets that they found every day, but they also would drain it deleting mets, high taxes, and the population would riot and it would shrink down to nothing. Because time was the issue, it would not be much use that war. I know, I tried reviving one thinking they wouldnt come back. (They did)

The JRB's didn't IMP sit as much, but, they too, were so efficient that planets est'd by anybody would not likely make it until morning. Any planet over 50% hab was going to be looked at every day, as I recall, so the winning team was winning from day one and never needed to 'buy' a planet, they would just bust it, which was part of the fun, anyway.

The first war that was even enjoyable and actually played as advertised I think was Spectrum vs HK, and that was in mid or late '80s and both teams were basically even.

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