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Dec 19, 2005



America's finest news source is almost as trustworthy as legit news organizations these days, but I suppose that's not a debate for gaming sites.

I would argue, however, that Stacker would give children a deep psychological aversion to crates IRL. If you stack them all day in a game, then see one in real life, you would probably break the boxes to pieces or curl up into the fetal position.

Plus, children could arrange those boxes into pornographic symbols, which would in turn corrupt their minds (no, the kid didn't ever think of such horrid things before playing the game. The boxes made him do it).


Isn't the word "box" a slang term for a certain female genitalia?

I knew those Rockstars were up to something.


I think it's an excuse to say "well stacked" at the end of the level.


I don't know - a first-person stander would probably be played in a sitting position. Wouldn't a glamorous life of modest activity have the potential to give a child who sits to play the game a poor self-image? I'd only really find it acceptable if it's played with a stand-pad.

On the other hand, Stacker might be just the thing to help Little Johnny & Little Jane get more comfortable with the Safety Crate where I seal them when I think the world might present a danger. God knows it's easier than talking to them about it.


lol seriously?? violent moving blocks? i never knew that tetris was subliminal...


I sure hope this was written with total sarcasm...


This game is racist, as you can see by the posted screenshot, the hands are white. So evidently, it is against people of color. It doesn't get much more evil...

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