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Nov 27, 2005



Speaking of spam - recently I've been getting quite a few emails warning me that my E-Gold account is compromised and that I should urgently log in to their server, and presumably give them my credit card details. Quite likely they harvested my email address from here or some similar place, but it does seem to me that a practice has really Arrived when you start getting phishing attacks based on it.


But... ED effects 1 in 5 men. Surely someone at Terra Nova needs a little pick me up ;)


Couldn't we post a policy that says any advertisements which arrive in the comment or trackback sections are subject to draconian advertising fees and removal or being moved to a remote, untrafficked part of the site after a brief period of time -- and then traceroute and sue heavy offenders who don't pay these fees? Or else charge them maintenance? I get the same comments myself, and I keep wondering why nobody's done this yet. Is there no legal case to be made along these lines? (James, have I asked you this yet?)

Alternately, some of the pr0n links I get hit with are so explicit (and I generally have a strong stomach -- most of these are violent, inc3stu0us, or p3d0philiac) as to warrant me putting a "You must verify you're 18" disclaimer on my site. Tackling these offenders as we would people who deface private or public property, disturb the peace, or even dampen free speech seem like possible other means of ending this practice.

Sam... you really post a valid email address in forums?! Tell me it's your alt, at least...


Dude I totally sympathize, as I have to delete a dozen Spam posts every week, myself. I do want to point out how valuable it is to keep Comments open, because you never know when someone will stumble into an old entry, months after the fact, and get inspired to say something profound. Like here:



This is interesting, actually, as I've been getting (in-world) WoW spam lately, little purple whispers promising me uber enchants (etc.) for the lowest possible price (purportedly). They come in rarely enough that the distraction cost is so far outweighed by the fascination reward. But it's clear that someone must have automated this process and is /whoing and /telling in some kind of organized fashion. Would be interesting to get ahold of one of these guys and see how well their operation actually does.


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Have you tried changing the comment page url to throw off spammers that have locked on to the post? Would be better than having to close it down. Although it would take some extra work.


I'm know in Wordpress blogs you can filter comments based on the number of links and a user set list of 'bad' words. Is there anything like that that may be suitable for you?

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