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Oct 28, 2005



Flying mounts!! Now all they need to do is institute an air battle system :) The auction house in all major cities announcement would have gotten a standing ovation from me.


Personally, I am more interested by the rumor that Battlegrounds will be linked across servers, so people will not be restricted to competing against only those they share a server with. That would make for some really interesting stuff. As it is now, accomplished pvp teams are celebrities within their own servers to some degree, linking battlegrounds could serve to create celebrities for the entire WoW community.


I'm wondering if the end-game direction will be changing at all. There's a fair bit of dissatisfaction at the 40-man or roll an alt aspect in evidence on the general forums, and there's a lot of Chinese players who will be affected by limited playing time.

Unfortunately, everything I've heard so far suggests that it's still 40-man dungeons all the way.


I wonder whether Blizzard is up to the task of balancing the classes. They are currently mid-way through a class-by-class rebalancing act, essentially focussed on redesigning the class talents. Currently, those talent lists are based on the fact that a character has 51 points to spend on talents. What will another 10 talent points mean to the build?


I'm mostly interested in what the level cap raise does to tradeskills. The end-skill armor and weapons are ok, but pale in comparison to what drops even beginning at 55. Are tradeskills going to become what EQ's were for awhile, mostly about the consumables only? Or, will they raise the skills to, say, 400, with dozens of new recipes per skill, and new resources (ore, herbs, etc.) to make them?

Secondarily, I'd like to know if they'll plan to cap entry on the current endgame content to 60, or will they allow 10-man raiding of Molten Core and Blackwing Lair :)


From what I understand they are getting around the talent point issue by adding two more teirs of talents to each talent tree, meaning the existence of 41 point talents. So yes, with 70 levels talent builds can break the current 51 point restrictions (getting a 31 and 21 point talent for example) but doing so will mean no 41 point talents, which will probably be more than worth getting.

In regards to the tradeskills, they are in fact adding 100 more points to them and scaling up what the different skills can make, though we dont have any specific examples of this yet. On a side note did anyone see the statistics provided by blizzard during the convention that the two most common created items are copper bars, and heavy runecloth bandages? I was amused by that information.


Echoing Darniaq, I think the conversation that I would like to see happen is what does the inflation of levels due to the 'value' of current endgame content.

If 10 level 70's can do a pick-up raid of MC or BWL, then the Tier 1 epics will be distributed between those 10 instead of 35-40 people. What happens if level 70's run a few level 60's through BWL?

A solution I've heard floated is that you simply don't allow anyone over level 60 to enter, but I think that forces an unfair choice onto a player regarding whether they want to take on the challenge of MC/BWL or go on to lvl 61. Does a lvl. 65 blue item out-weigh a lvl. 60 purple?

I'll admit that I'm worried. Typically it seems that raising the level cap is the beginning of the end for a MMORPG. I'm very interested in seeing how/if Blizzard designs their way around the inflation issues.


Everyone knows warlocks are BROKEN!!! God!!!! I can't believe they haven't adjusted the reuse timer on shadowburn, like it was in beta. blizz, c'mon, NOBODY is going to play your game because of how completely incompetent you all are as coders, artists, designers, and human beings. God!!!!! I am totally going to cancel.

Wait. This IS IGN's World of Warcraft-General forum, isn't it?

Aw heck, let me re-phrase.

I see the current state of one of the professions, the Warlock I think it is, as an interesting commentary on human to human relationships at the start of the 21st century singularity. At one time, during testing, there was an ability called 'shadowburn' that allowed a player to cause a great deal of damage to another, and this ability could be repeated frequently within any on time frame. It obviously served as a trope for the specifics of interpersonal aggression of various kinds, no doubt most of it motivated by latent racial, classist, and gender stereotypes. However, in more recent updates to the game, almost as if eerily conscious of the invisible and underlying politico-ideological issues, the design company (Blizzard Entertainment - perhaps not coincidentally based in the same Orange County as the popular television program "OC"), reduced the effectiveness of this tactic to some degree by making players wait momentarily before the shadowburn ability could again be used. But of course, this contribution to the game's discourse was immediately deconstructed by the playerbase, whose calls of "nerf" (to soften, weaken - as in a nerf football) laid bare the tensions between the hegemonic program of the coders and the democratic, and yet ironically and contradictorily self-devouring, passions of the players. In the end, the analysis must rest with the players - and yet another opportunity to restore balance was lost, or more probably ignored, by the design team, which for its latest version of the game (denoted "expansion", one of countless sexually ambiguous referents in the entire kulturraum of the product) instead devoted resources to developing a predictably buxom race of 'blood elves' rather than address the oppression of voice and internalization and self-direction of hatred and disrespect elicited by the shadowburn fiasco. It seems likely that the frustrations of the players, especially those of the aforementioned 'warlock' class, will only continue; and this seems an apt moment for discontinuing the research project and drawing whatever final conclusions one may.


@Nathan : Where did you got your professions statistics, is there more available, I'm really interested in this kind of stuff?


I swore off World of Warcraft some long, long time ago, and no expansion will ever bring me back until Hydralisks are installed as a race. Or until the game isn't about the endless bloodshed of poor monsters and perpetual warfare for ill explained reasons and competing with everybody else for material gain. You know, whichever comes first!

Totally NOT BITTER about MMOs,
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@LEKO: Let me find those for you, ill post a link when I do. I have to remember where it was...


I am somewhat dissapointed with this announcement as I believe that in many areas Blizzard chose to take the "Easy Way Out". For example, instead of the long promised Hero Classes the decision was made to raise the level cap. Instead of introducing an original and interesting playable race such as, for example, ogres, they chose to go with blood elves, who will differ very slightly from night elves and according to Warcraft fiction have no business in Azeroth (since they are based in Outland).

The most exciting announcement I believe was the Caverns of Time, truly an interesting and original concept. How many other MMORPGs allow timetravel along their plotline?


How many other MMORPGs allow timetravel along their plotline?

None that I'm aware of, but if CoH/CoV implemented it, that would ROAKE!


buff shamans weeeee

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