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Oct 16, 2005



>like virtual-LARPing, repurposing public spaces within virtual worlds opens up interesting opportunities for play

I have played a Alt-Reality like game in Second Life. It’s probably the most ‘Second Life’ ish thing I’ve ever done as it places SL as the ‘normal’ onto which you cast this consensual ludic frame. But then you think, but hold on Second Life is a gam,,, oh, no it isn’t. I wonder if there was a point at which enough people saw SL as normality for that this kind of play, which works with / against that assumption, suddenly had meaning.


Check out this page for dates for future games of Tombstone Hold 'Em. If you can go to a game, you should.


If I were going to have a grave, I'd say, you are all welcome to come play games there.

However, I'm probably going to be cremated, and I don't want some big, monolithic, grumpy hunk of granite taking up perfectly good space. I'd rather my family kept a special lawn gnome in the garden for me, to look out over the family as they grow.

In a way, I guess it would be my last avatar.


I counted the poker "tables" going out- well over 100 people. The game itself was a lot of fun, the mix of people very interesting- very techno, not so much gaming. I think there is something very exciting about that mix of virtual and real world meeting- the freedom of an online identity peeks out in the real life instance also, or something like that. A sense of expectancy, or optimism. Certainly the people meeting were nothing but friendly.
And, because I can't resist, the mix of virtual and real-life interplay - at the end of the event clues and game update information was passing back and forth between the crew in the graveyard and the participants online - very similar to a certain, ahem, winning proposal at the recent Ludium.
Also, the game itself - the ARG - seemed very well put together. I don't have time to really participate either, but the depth of the story, the attention to detail, and just the quirky, very rich characterizations- very compelling stuff.


To add to the virtual/actual dynamic, I just heard about a game of Tombstone Hold 'Em being played in a World of Warcraft cemetery on the Killrog server. How cool is that? (I'm very excited. ^_^) I love the fluidity.


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