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Oct 19, 2005



You know what would probably be really useful to we ignorant Westerners, Unggi? A rundown by someone living in Korea and in the know about the MMO market over there (such as, say, yourself) running down what the big games are in South Korea currently, what kind of business model they use, and what their gameplay style is.



Thanks Unggi for posting about our humble page. Many already visited our page via this post. Thank TN a lot! It's really true that TN is the center of VW researchers.

We are just at the start line. Watch us! :)


gamestudy.org is already pretty amazing. I think anybody interested in VW will have his/her mind blown by what seems like fairly commonly accepted knowledge in Korea.

http://gamestudy.org/eblog/?p=6#comment-19: This comment estimated the real money trade market in Korea at $720 million. The government estimates it at $1 billion!

$720 million in RMT!


Regarding Matt's request... while in South Korea I was given an English-language copy of the Korean Game Development & Promotion Institute report, chock full of stats and lots of other interesting info about popular games, genres, motivations, play locations, etc. I think my paper version is this year's... the 2004 version is available on their site, but perhaps they could be contacted about updates or sending out copies of the report?

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