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Sep 12, 2005



There's business, politics, and conscience all rolled into one!

Actually, I'm being facetious with that last one. I contend politicians and pundits can gain political cache by joining the ranks of "violent games are bad for kids" regardless of their personal belief in the effect. They benefit from being seen as proactive without truly understanding the issue because their average constituency is guided more by intuition than hard facts anyway. That last bit I understand, because I feel the same way. Regardless of the science, I'm censoring what my kids will see. It's what I signed on for.


It's a sidestep but, in the Terminator, the robot was not bloodthirsty at all, it was a ruthless assassin. Just like a robot 'should' be.

But yes, it's obvious that politics are driving laws like this and there is some spotlight to grab on the issue....but not without some irony.


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