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Sep 09, 2005



Shamelessly, I will admit that I am nearly gloating about the fact that funders are finally interested in "games-based learning." It bodes well for my career and I'm selfish enough to celebrate that fact in fronta god and everyone. ~.^ But....

It does concern me some that more and more events about games-based learning that are coming up include very little expertise on learning (let alone pedagogy or education) and a whole lot of industry - experts in game design but not the last several decades of research on cognition etc etc. My worry is that we will build "games for learning" that leave the learning out and therefore have lukewarm outcomes at best - and then the whole effort will get cast aside as fruitless based on a few lame titles that were neither good for learning nor good games.

All this against a historical context in which lots of efforts to make a dollar here or there have tried to build "X for learning" without basing any of their design in solid educational research (of which there is several decades). Education is a lot like psychology that way. Folks think that, because they have a mind, they're experts on how it operates. Of course, that a lot like saying I'm an expert on cars because I happen to drive one. Or better yet, an expert on game design because I play them.

Just my 2 cents here. Its a general concern, not commentary on this specific event per se.

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