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Sep 17, 2005



EFF has an archive of the documents in the case here, for those interested...


I know this is off topic, but I am unaware of any other way to properly contact the users of this site. There is no "meta" discussion thread.

Is there anything that can be done about all the spammers who post urls to gambling and sex sites? It is pretty frustrating to visit, see new posts on the left nav area, and then half of them are just spam.

Worse than this, they don't even seem to get removed by a moderator and then sit there for DAYS in the "New Posts" area.

I could understand a few hours, but doesn't at least one moderator visit this blog at least once a day?


Yes, I'm posting again, but I don't see the harm in it since about half of the "RECENT COMMENTS" right now are just porn site spammers.

Since I am not just a complainer, I have a few suggestions:

1) Require some kind of account creation (with approval) to post messages.

2) Liberally hand out the ability to delete comments to tons of people. Inform them that they are ONLY allowed to remove the absolute, unquestionable spam (e.g. gambling/sex site urls that are clearly just posted by either a spammer or a bot).

3) Have the existing moderators agree to visit at least once a day to check for such troublesome postings.

This is a great blog. I hate seeing it defaced. Even more than that, I hate seeing the defacings left on display for DAYS at a time before they are finally scrolled off or a moderator finally pops by and removes them.

Actually, for that matter, I've noticed that most of them NEVER get removed even after months go by. :(


Thanks Michael -- it bugs us too and we're thinking about what to do about it. Unfortunately, most of the solutions would seem to require more active moderation or would make commenting more difficult. I would be nice if Typepad could work on the menu of options to deal with comment spam a little more.

Any knowledge of Typepad-friendly hacks to deal with comment spam would be welcome.


Greg, is Michael's option #3 above (moderators visit at least once a day and delete obvious spam) viable? That would seem to be the lowest impact option overall. The spam level here isn't drowning discussion as it does on some blogs, but it is annoying.

Ultimately I think TN will have to become not-completely-open-to-all to take care of this. Or somehow (no sure how using TypePad) implement one of those "type in the number you see here" things to ensure that all posters are human.


Yeah -- it looks like we're leaning toward option 3, which is a bother for us...

A good authentication system would be fine, I think, it is just that Typepad's authentication system, last time I checked, looked like a significant bother for commenters.


I'd hate to have this blog closed off any more than it is. I don't actually recall how I found it, but it has been informative if not inspiring for me to continue on my desired school and career path.

As to a suggestion: if "Option #3" is a bother, you could ask for a volunteer. That person would be "on call", and would have an e-mail available for reporting.

And I'll go ahead and volunteer *grin*, though I'm sure you'd rather find someone you've both met and trust.


Back on topic, I've had a chance to look at the ruling (it's pretty short) and, not surprisingly, Eric's summary pretty much pegs what is interesting about it.

The one thing I'd highlight is the claim that Marvel intentionally used the DMCA to have NCSoft delete characters on all servers with the names "Hulk10" and "Wolverine20," regardless of whether or not those avatars were alleged to be infringing. The damage alleged based on that deletion of the avatars is to the goodwill of the company vis-a-vis its customers.

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