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Sep 26, 2005



I've been able to read about 10 pages of Josh's paper so far... very compelling. I must say I am very interested in reading in the rest later this evening.

Look forward to meeting you Josh at State of Play next week!


Skal Arrr Grrgh


The comments about URLs, email addresses, and so forth are interesting and compelling, but it starts to get dubious when he goes into game eulas.

"Why should we permit consensual agreements that prevent formation of property rights in the first instance any more than we tolerate other consensual restraints on alienation?"

Quite simple. It's cheating. And many of us want the right to play a game with some basic rules and not have an attorney tell us that someone has a "property right" to cheat.

Should balls and strikes be given the value of virtual property and MLB be enjoined from prohibiting their sale as well?


So, is this the right place to give feedback on Josh's paper: "Virtual Property?"

I have quite a bit. :-)



I've got plenty of feedback too. :-)

But we should probably restrain ourselves, Randy, and do this under a thread with a proper title. Maybe Josh could post it with a brief overview of what he sees as MMORPG-specific implications?


I'll wait for the proper thread (I don't really have the time for proper feedback at this moment anyway.)

It'll wait a few days. :-)



Grrr! I too have feedback on what is a very clear, well-considered, and well-written article, and I'm pretty much bursting at the keyboard. But I'll wait.

But not very patiently. :-)

Those who haven't read it, as a non-lawyer, I found it quite clear and understandable. I commend it to you, along with a large mug of herb tea.




He's not on the sidebar...

Fix. =)


There are lots of people not on the sidebar...


And he's not one of them.


Shoot, my bad...



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