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Aug 17, 2005



I'm still a little unclear on what exactly happened with the Bone Crusher item, but it seems to me that 'theft' in UO is a technique sanctioned by the rules of the game. Therefore the California law is not violated.

As for the Louisiana law, I don't see what is being risked. If it is the Bone Crusher item, it was acquired in game, and cannot really be said to be 'risked' in the same manner as an outside resource. After all, a level 1 character playing the exact same game is not risking anything, so how can a high-level character all of a sudden be risking something? I don't see how this law applies either.


The Californian article seems not to be too much of a stretch, to me: certainly requiring a less broad and interpretation of the law than many US judges have been willing to adopt of late. But Californian law is a long way from the system I'm trained in.

Louisiana law, however, is a mixed common/codified system, not just far closer to the code I studied in (Scots Law) but actually used for practical examples in our degree. And I must say that ss.B is a remarkably badly-worded piece of statute. Amazingly so. The sort of drafting that is so widely applicable that a decent judge deliberately takes a narrow view of legislatory intent. After all, you could apply it to eBay: a "...contrivance whereby a person risks the loss of anything of value in order to realize a profit when accessing the Internet". Sounds like bad law made in haste.


Interesting article over at NewScientist about a man who was arrested in Japan, on suspicion using bot to beat up and rob characters in Lineage II:


So far, most of the individuals that have committed these RL crime for VL goods seem to be all in Asia. Is this a cultural phenoma, or will western culture eventually catch-up?


That's beautiful typesetting in that PDF but all the words get washed off on me. The same words used to define law allow for the lawless. By the time so much is written, antiquation sets in (especially in the dazy futureshock of today) and a new revision is needed. Sure, tricks run years deep, and there are so many variations on a theme—I really do wish there were more paradigm shifts to throw things off. I just can't relate to it.

(Trainwise, I like how simple Creative Commons is to use.)

That Lineage II case is spooky, having a bot to do that sounds eerily like what Bender would gumbo up in Futurama. o.O


People are a bunch of ignorant fascists, you know? I was totally amazed by the comments people started making around the time of the Hot Coffee debacle, but now I've finally figured it out. There are no social rules in place about games. Everyone knows that you're not supposed to say fascistic shit about art and religion, but games have not attained that place in our culture.

This came to me as I was browsing used titles at Gamestop and overheard some employees talking about "fags" and thought to myself, They would never say that about black people. Their social consciousness just has not integrated that minority element yet, because they do not recognize that society at large deems "fags" important. Video games: same thing.

That this kind of stuff goes on even here amazes me. It's like if someone posted an article about Hitler gassing Jews and someone said, "I wonder what the academic implications are for prison population maintenance."

People should stand up and type in ALL CAPS that this stuff is CRAZY. You do not criminalize games. Take a moral stand for your art!

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