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Aug 03, 2005



Bang! Howdy! looks interesting.

For those that don't know, Three Rings has already been testing said business model within Puzzle Pirates (and they got the impetus to do such from a games network they partnered with, MiniClip, which runs the similarly "free" RuneScape). You are free to download Puzzle Pirates and "freely" (no monthly cost) play on Doubloon servers. To attain nicer items or higher status (Officer within a crew) you pay real money for ingame "Doubloons".


Dan's no dummy. He knows how well our model works. Runescape's business model is, with all due respect to their enormous success, not as good, and they would make more money using ours instead.



I am surprised that there are not more people talking about these types of games - unique and challenging games that are not just the re-molded 'better mousetrap' games that we deal with today. We need more game-innovation instead of rehashing and slightly improving on the concepts of today.


I think that puzzle pirates is a great game and cant wait until the new comes out.

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