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Aug 28, 2005



> Looks like they’ve raised $2,000 so far

As of 12:30 PM PDT today we'd hit $3,500US in virtual currency for the American Cancer Society. Tallies aren't in yet for the online credit card donations, which will be combined towards the goal of $5,000. I've been at it all night and all day, so I'm pretty well exhausted now. Will check back in later. Hopefully some others who participated in the Relay will leave thoughts here too.

> More pics are posted at the Future Salon blog

Yep, a number of pics there. Hopefully some more coverage will pop up on the radar as well. One neat thing is that SLer Trimda Hedges streamed the whole thing live online in audio and video, and was recording significant portions for a machinima document. Don't know when that will be available, but it'll be a really neat thing that I hope will make the rounds.


I wonder how this kind of activity fits into the "everything is based on greed" models of virtual world design :-)


Oh nice coverage. I've been following Jerry's closely... pictures and all, so pretty! LOL galiel, you make a good point. That's part of what makes SL so different, I guess... I don't have great experience with online worlds (apart from SL) but when I was new to SL and landed on the shores from the Orientation Island, I was flocked with people wanting to help me out. It made such a difference and I'm thankful for that, because it led me to the present day.

Betsy, nice to see you inworld again! :) It's important to document all this... and there'll be more unfolding, hope to see Trimda's coverage too.


OK, the American Cancer Society's Randal Moss just announced the final Relay #s:

The SL Relay raised $5,411!! $4,700 of that was in Linden dollars. w00t! Fundraising goal surpassed. And again, yea, the American Cancer Society really did just raise that much money in a virtual world currency.

Now the ACS also has some pretty interesting data about how people donate in virtual world micro-payments vs. offline Relays and traditional online donations. And BTW for those interested in seeing more pics from the Relay, Bino Arbuckle has a few Relay albums up on Snapzilla that are well worth checking out.


Congrats on reaching the goal! I think the way it was set it up with so many interesting opportunities to donate with micropayments in-world undoubtedly contributed to the event's success. The virtual luminarias (or is the plural of luminaria just...luminaria?) were a stroke of brilliance. I know I got a little carried away myself, wanting to light all of them. The memorial candles were quite touching as well. The only thing I looked for but couldn't find was a similar area to honor survivors. Maybe I missed it? In any case, great job and hope you guys got some well deserved rest.


I really enjoyed the Relay for Life and while walking around the event on Saturday, I was especially touched by how all of the different groups creatively expressed their relationships to the cause.


Flying is part of a healthy Second Lifestyle. It most certainly isn't cheating! :)

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