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Jul 23, 2005



R> Unfortunately the event seems pretty MMO lite

Unless they changed the schedule, I think Raph is going to be doing a thing with a panel of currently unknown industry experts, right?


Alas, the schedule has indeed changed and I won't be there. I was supposed to be (and Alice went to Herculean efforts to make it happen) but then my bosses here scheduled the once-a-year-unmissable-executive-offsite right on top of it. :(


That's a bummer. Don't know where your SOE picnic is, but Edinburgh is a fabulous place to hang out...


Linden's Philip Rosedale is on a panel with NCSoft's Jeff Gaffney hosted by Seamus Blackley. AFAIK, he's planning to attend.


The problem with holding the event in tandem with the Edinburgh Fringe is that all the hotels are booked solid. If you didn't book months in advance, don't live locally or don't mind flying in and out in one day, it's going to be tricky attending...



And it’s very expensive to stay. Actually it’s probably cheaper for me to fly in and fly home each day, though not exactly practical.

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