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Jun 23, 2005



wow, great stuff. Please keep those notes coming!


Greg - thanks for sharing these notes. Were you at DiGRA?


I just attended a workshop on game design by Zimmerman, Hunick, LeBlanc. We played games at an academic conference. this is the second time i've been at a conference where that happened (zimmerman's mmg of rock paper scissors at SOP II was the first) and it's inspiring. conferences are so boring.

personal takeaways were high-quality (if not exactly new to people who have done some reading of these folks in the past):
game design is the art of using mechanics to produce certain aesthetics.

it's hard. very poorly understood.

the dynamics of a game can be better understood through psychology (and by extension, all the behavioral sciences)

negotiations within OPEC over oil production levels is mechanically similar to the way little girls are said to fight over social standing at the playground. yikes! it's the kind of thing you can know in theory, but when you play it out, it sinks in.

and that would be a moment of learning in a game, i guess.


Here's a treat for all TerraNovans at GLC -- http://secondlife.com/go/?video=true


Peter -- thanks -- the battery died today, might have better luck tomorrow.

Jason -- thanks for your DiGRA notes! (I didn't make it -- had something accepted but had to pull out.)


Some people don't believe you can be addicted to behaviors (such as online gaming). I think the existance of pathological gambling addiction disproves this pretty well.

Ted seems afraid that people will think badly of games if they are shown to be sometimes addictive. I think people need to accept that many things are potentially addictive, but most people can handle them.



Hey all, I'm a sociologist at the University of Arizona, and I attended GLS as well. I want to do an MMOG ethnography for my dissertation, so I was especially interested in what Dmitri had to say. Anyways, I thought I'd share my discombobulated notes on GLS, too. They can be found at: http://www.livejournal.com/users/alienacean/23031.html


Maybe you'll be interested in Games on Google Maps. It can be the new frontier for online games, no? Someone already thinks about a conference in 2006! ;-)

or on BoingBoing http://www.boingboing.net/2005/06/30/google_maps_reloaded.html

I also opened a wiki page for collecting ideas and implementations of games on google maps.
Edit it if you have some ideas!

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