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May 27, 2005



greg, your writing has too much content, my head is so full it hurts.

>Resistance is futile. Prepare to be assimilated.

Just a thought on this: Bey's Temporary Autonomous Zones (From Ludlow's book).

Between innovation and assimilation is one brief moment of something that is truly different. We may well look back on the period 1997 - 2005 as the golden era of virtual worlds, when they had become very large in size and graphical, but had not yet been sullied by the norms of large organizations.


Or perhaps the early history of the printing press, before the governments woke up and realized that censorship was the appropriate strategy? What's funny is that, the more I look at the history of VWs, the more I'm thinking that the political corner for VWs turned way back in 95 -- text MUDs were (and probably still are) much less "sullied" by those particular norms of which you speak.


Nice blog :)


For the record :)

We definitely planned from the beginning for EQ to have both guilds and raids. Personally, I was part of an uber guild on Sojourn/TorilMUD yeasr before EQ called Crimson Sigil and we often raided.

What we didn't plan on was both the problem with zerging as well as the ever increasing size of groups in a raid -- I think it got a tad out of control, to say the least.


Aradune Mithara> For the record :)

Hey, wow, thanks for setting the record straight! And thanks for the validation on the factional stuff in the earlier post.

And I just realized that Aradune, like Lord British or Hakkon, is really a pretty cool game fictional phenomenon in himself, isn't he? More avatarish than most avatars -- that probably ought to be included somewhere in the paper.


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