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Apr 01, 2005



I thought this was the latest April Fools joke ever, but it's actually pretty cool. :D


This was too much fun for a Friday morning. :)


Nice. I just wish that the various selections actually worked correctly.


Worked fine for me!


Almost got me.
The all-caps link sold the game, though. So un-beardy.

Cute easter eggs, anyways.


Wow. what an awesome at-work-time-waster. Every page should have such a feature.

When will the Massively Multiplayer version be coming out? I'm just imagining the pain of cruise missle article griefing and bomb duping exploits.


God I do love April 1:



Were there supposed to be sound effects?

I didn't hear any "klaboooms!"

Oh as for Pandaren Express I think it is time for a surreal MMORPG with 2-head ogres, Alices in weirdland, toon physics, Sin City grit, cuttie Anime avatars, mobile-type side-games, and so on and so on.

Call it the World of April 1st.


Weee, it's teh flowers! :)


Maybe someone could get some RSS feed mechanism going. Currently reading articles in huge bundles since VW is my passion but not my work. RSS feeds could help keep people up to date. TN rocks!

By the way… love the cutting edge "graphicsdesign" at the top of TN


Jay Bibby deserves the credit for bringing this excellent editing function to Terra Nova's attention:


And, for those interested in Terra Nova historical trivia, our new "tehfl0w4rz" banner was a response to a Spring banner change proposal (away from those snowy trees) and Ren's strident demand for "bunnies and flowers". I couldn't manage the bunnies, but I'm very proud of my k3wl yellow drop shadow...


Anders, we've had an RSS feed, but it has been lurking at the bottom right after the blogroll -- I added the link to the top left now. (Probably should be a button, though.)


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