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Mar 02, 2005



Hiya. I'm not attending GDC this year, but live just north of SF. Might I also recommend The Thirsty Bear (spanish food, pub) down the street? It's a much less sterile, corporate environment than the Metreon. I'll meet you guys wherever you decide to go, so long as it doesn't require a GDC pass to hook up.



That's the same time as the MUD-Dev dinner, and I assume there will be a significant overlap in people...

Thursday, 10 March, starting at 19:00, at Cha Am, 701 Folsom at the south-west corner of 3rd street in San Francisco.


Alas, I had to cancel my GDC registration due to some very serious RL problems. I will be there in spirit though and may even be wearing a virtual beard at one of the virtual parties. Have a good time and a beer for me. Maybe see you all at the next one.


Yeah, Thursday night is Mud-Dev and Friday night is the AI dinner. Any chance you can move this to Wednesday? :)



Sorry, but this one's set as it's also the DiGRA gathering. With any luck, both get-togethers last long enough that you can swing both.


There is a TN/MUD-Dev/researcher/designer/theorist-types evening of conversation happening on Tuesday night. Drop me an email for info.

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