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Feb 11, 2005



Quick note: Christopher Reeves == Superman == DC. Not Marvel.

It's also important to note the whole publicity factor. Even if DC had the right to sue little kids who dressed up like their favorite superhero and play around town in costume pretending to be him or her, it wouldn't be a good idea for them to do so. (Note: Adults, on the other hand, who dress up as their favorite supehero and do the same are, I believe, regularly sued if they feel the person is damaging that character's image in the eyes of the public. But there's a legal distinction, I believe; one could argue that few would take the child's act seriously whereas people might think the adult was actually representing the company. Then again, what if the superhero in )question was a "kid" superhero, like Power Pack?)



Did Marvel not buy DC not too long ago?

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