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Feb 23, 2005



And the reliability of Penny Arcade's image serving system can be summarized in seven words:

"Lost connection to MySQL server during query"

Still no images!


No. It just means that Gabe, to excuse the wit, used one of the biggest flaw in WoW's design: the epic mounts.

Or "the purest form of old-school grind and greed".

By the way, the argument is still discussed in the blogosphere:
here, here, here, here and, well, here.


What can I say, except humor has a great economy of expression, and a cutting insight. On the other hand it rarely offers actual answers, just details the problems. I wouldn't expect the same sort of economy from discussion where we search for some resolution to the issues as well.

I hardly see it as a reason for despair. And its not the first time they've had an insightful panel. Most of their strips involving WoW have been quite good. Frankly its the one comic I read on a regular basis.

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