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Jan 20, 2005



rejoin the honourable ranks of the TN commentators

This indeed is the most honorable rank! Once a TN'er always - see ya at the next do!




it's a loss for us because we dont have too many people who code here. please keep commenting, and good luck at SL!


Welcome to SL, Jim Linden. I'm looking forward to the fruits of your labour. Any specifics you can share about what you'll be working on?


Yes, we are damn lucky to have Jim. He's working on some long range tech for SL and we'll hopefully have some fun demos and announcements in the next few months.

My apologies for cherry picking at TN, but isn't my fault that it keeps attracting really smart and intersting people!


Yes, we are damn lucky to have Jim.

I'm feeling pretty lucky too!

He's working on some long range tech for SL.

As the crow flies the range is 5268 miles (8478 km) (4578 nautical miles) :-)


please keep commenting

Don't worry, I'll keep adding my 2 pence.

good luck at SL!



Break a leg, Jim.


the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy is the definetely greatest book (and movie) ever made, and douglas adams is the greatest author ever. if everybody thought as him, nothing would have been wrong in this small corner of the completely mindbogglingly huge universe... :)

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