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Jan 23, 2005



Hi Ren,


Never thought I would end up in pink super bunny slippers on page one of a calendar but, hey... sometimes you gotta do what it takes to make ends meet.

I love my job!

The calendar, as well as the vast number of t-shirts, cups and stuff on café press, was actually developed by one of our members, Georgieanna. (thanks, Georgieanna!!)

Last year was a rough one, but we were lucky enough to fall into the hands of a great community. The economy is stable these days, and we have even started hiring again. No plan to get back up to 200+ employees, but that was probably too many for this stage anyway.

In any case, as long as you didn't send a copy of this to my Mom, I should be alright.

See you There!



Bruce is better looking in person and his bunny slippers he wore to State of Play were a different shade of pink.



I'm in this calendar too.. great to see it mentioned on one of my favorite blogs.. :)


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