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Jan 16, 2005



After 'reality' TV shows I pretty much gave up on humanity altogether. :)


I got rid of TV more than two years ago and I never felt better :-) Believe me, there is so much reality beyond "reality TV" :-)


We did quite a lot of work on Inhabited TV at CRG. The idea was the people went from watching virtual worlds to interacting with them and vice versa. Our experiments included Avatar Farm and Out Of This World. An early inhabited TV experiment, Heaven and Hell Live, was shown on Channel 4 in the UK.


The switch between interactivity and passivity sounds similar to the lurching transitions from cutscenes to action.

I'm sceptical because I also got rid of TV in favour of games and the net. I think I'll stick to peering over friends shoulders ;)


FFXI has a system like this. It's called Live Vana'Diel, a streaming video of random areas in FFXI. It's on the web site


Surely a reason will be needed in order to keep an audience involved. A person likes to play a video game such as the Sims because they have direct control over their perceived environment. A show like this would suggest that a large amount of the "user audience" would be responsible for one action or more. I am not sure it is enough to validate their single effort and as a result invested time may be lost. Will Wright himself might say that the value of his game is the control aspect.

A show like this is a breakthrough into new interactive tv genres, however, the most important aspect of this show is the structure for live massive user surveys. Forget the game, what does this mean for social forecasting using simulated media?

As far as reality television is concerned, I don't feel it should be disregarded simply because our favorite movies are better. We should look at the changing structure of how reality television is being created. I would bet that we will see more reality based content invading our lives in infinite forms.


You ever look over the shoulder of someone playing a game? How long did it hold your interest? I can't imagine this getting good ratings after the novelty wears off.


Er, let me add that I think the way to do something like this is to Hollywoodize it -- take the original footage, add new animation, voiceovers, new camera angles, and clever dialog. Even with that, I don't know if I'd be interested beyond a couple of showings. Real actors are more interesting.


Yes, real actors is the first thing that popped into my mind. Real life sims, a wicked twist of the Truman show.


Sorry to interrupt. Is anyone else having trouble with the Preview and Post buttons on the Plagued by Popularity topic? I posted a messaged and part of it was cut off, and now the buttons are gone on that topic for me.


Is it becoming clear that the folks at EA have completely lost all hope of coming up with a good idea?

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