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Jan 28, 2005



I enjoyed the book, and would recommend it to anyone who thinks that NPCs can never be anything more than vending machines and monsters...

My take on the book's thesis is: Stories are not games. Stories are about people interacting. Therefore, to make interactive storytelling, build a simple world with well-designed NPCs that can be interacted with on as deep a level as possible. Throw in a director AI to ensure there's a plot.

An even more boiled down summary is, "Interactive storytelling is about NPC AI."

A boiled-down summary of MMORPG design books is, "Virtual worlds are about interacting with other players."

A boiled-down summary of adventure games is, "Adventure games are about interacting with things, adding a backstory."

Personally, I think of interactive storytelling, virtual worlds, and adventure games as sub-parts of a larger entity.

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