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Jan 19, 2005



Cool indeed! Another insightful, enthusiastic rallying cry to the world(s).


So there is a spoon. Sometimes it just looks like a piano.


In the midst of a busy week, I didn't put up a particularly good teaser for why anyone should read this one. So, for those who actually look at the comments, the paper:
a) skewers the "there is no spoon" argument
b) slags the "Monopoly" thought experiment for digital goods
c) explains why atomistic construction is such a change in digital world development
and, most shockingly,
d) agrees with something that Peter Ludlow said at SoP2


Congratulations on a truly excellent paper, Cory!

I highly recommend it to all TerraNova readers, especially those with strong opinions on questions of commodification and virtual property.

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