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Jan 28, 2005



I would imagine that we can also expect a cross-flow towards more traditional advertising platforms with the rising popularity of gaming cultures. Here, for example, are a couple of TV ads from asia which clearly use RPG/gaming themes to promote, respectively:


and Coke:


We've already seen a good deal of advertising in game intros, and those don't really bother me at all. I think the main problem with advertising products in a game world is that it could be immersion-breaking. As long as the advertising is kept within games that deal with the modern day (and possibly the future) and don't mess with suspension of disbelief, it won't bother me.


jeez how can the intro ads not bother you? some new PC retail games take longer to cycle through their logo crap on startup than they do to play. Once you hand over cash for a product, ANY product, including DVDs, you should be allowed to enjoy it without further marketing.
If the people who make a game insist of unskippable logo screens and ads, I'll just download a hacked version and keep my money. Its an insult to your customers to bombard them with ads, AFTER you have their money.

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