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Dec 28, 2004



Dan > At first I thought I should be offended that he believes that I'm particularly interested in sex and money.

Actually I think that the memo was for me :)


Another woman, or female-sounding pseudonym for a man?


Thanks for the heads up, Hamlet. It's hard not to notice the greater number of stories related to politics. Is this a reflection of the SL community's greater-than-usual interest in this topic in an election year, or a reflection of your personal interest resulting in greater coverage of political events? Perhaps a combination of both?

Looking forward to more NWN in 2005.


> a combination of both

I'd say that! I am a politics/current events geek, and at the same time, I do find political expression in Second Life a fascinating theme to explore. On the other hand (and I mentioned this at my SOPII talk), I don't want NWN to leave the impression that most SL residents are actively engaged in a heated political debate in 3D most of them time. In any case, now that the election is over, I do suspect the rate of in-world political expression will wane, in coming months. (Then again, ya never know.)

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