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Nov 19, 2004



Talk about emergent organized behavior...I just participated in the forming of a viscious gang of "K"s. Very cool Greg, thanks for the link.


Ah! Emergent signalling. Gotta love it.

Try this: As fast as you can, move all of one color to a corner. Within 60 seconds people will start sorting the letters by colors into piles.

I'd do more, but it gets boring about 60 seconds later.


It's sort of fun turning people's curse words into phrases with cryptic meanings. Yuck Foo Man :p


It was funny how the female U's were harrassed by the male Y's and T's...


O the humanity


Hah F. Randall Farmer - I didn't get piles of colored letters, I ended up with a war between two corners. Bottom left won I think.


i was on with a group of anarchists. any attempt at patterns or structures were immediately broken up. usually i guess maybe 5 or so people would help try to pile letters, sort them, or put them in order. the other 70 immediately ripped them apart =)

people seemed interested in making movement patterns though, which was interesting to see. we made some cool ponglike bouncing letters, and made a cloud of electronlike O's that followed around another letter wherever it went.

and yes, y and t sexual assaults have been happening each time i go log on. i've seen a couple aggressive u's turning the tables or cooperating too though heh.


Bah, the y and t sexual assaults are nothing. You should see 5 "I"s chasing an O around...


This is very odd...:/


Alicia, it isn't all that odd. The system makes it very hard to communicate and therefore users use symbols that are easy to understand and that might evoke some kind of response from other users.

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