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Oct 13, 2004



I am from the unofficial Warhammer Online forums and I can't verify the rumours but I can say that the WO community has no evidence that they are true - but that we too are aware of the rumours.


The story has now been picked up by gamesindustry.biz


http://www.fatbabies.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=2659 is an interesting peak into what office politics behind one of these games might be like. It's temptingly believable though quite likely to be faked in some way. Aparently Matt Sansam also quit quite recently. At the very least, it could be useful for investors, so they are aware of some of the tricks that could be used against them by dodgy developers.


It seems as if WO is back as Climax have confirmed the rumours on several site news reports and in an e-mail sent by one of our community. However they are not backed by Games Workshop anymore, so there may be some changes to the game and it may not come out in the way it was originaly expected to. So far we have no other news than the fact that it is confirmed back with Climax.


RPGVault now have an interview with Climax Online President David Nicholson revealing more details.


A different perspective


I'm about 18 months behind the discussion here, but Warhammer Online has been picked up by Mythic, the creators of Dark Age of Camelot. Things are looking extremely good. Mythic is planning to put the main focus on PvP and, well, war. Expect to see something similar to the RvR system in DAOC.

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