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Oct 28, 2004



The short term impact of this is that the drinks are on Cory tonight

Have one for me guys. Wish I was there.

Many congrats to Linden Labs. I'm in SL at the moment listening to Philip describing what's going to happen and it all sounds good:

Better client GUIs, better in world 2D interfaces, better 3D, better physics, more integration with RL through video etc., more scalability, more stability, more of what Linden were already doing, but faster.

More power to their elbows. And more elbows to power them.


A virtual venture capital firm? Heh, I thought for a minute there you meant they raised it *in game*.


Congrats to the SL team - don't spend it all at Think Geek and despair.com :-)



Best wishes to Linden Lab.

Merwan Marker


Cory, at SOP1 you announced the brilliant IP strategy that multiplied your membership tenfold. Now at SOP2, you announce this new venture capital financing - does this mean another 10 fold increase? What are you going to announce at SOP3? An IPO? If so, count me in please! :) Due to time constraints, I will not be able to attend SOP2 this year, but I will be at the Accelerating Change conference at Stanford next week, and I look forward to congratulating you in person there.



Ren>The short term impact of this is that the drinks are on Cory tonight!

(Posting the next day)
They were, too!


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