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Sep 22, 2004



I wouldn't say "hacked" - just scammed again. Same deal, different source IPs.

We're beefing up security, tweaking our limits and adding some new alerts. We'll survive. :)


I (and most virtual retailers) deal with same security type issues that you're dealing with Jamie. I've always been interested in what steps other people take to try and prevent fraud. I don't think it's a good idea to openly discuss procedures, since we'd basically be tipping off potential scammers, but an exchange of information regarding this subject might be beneficial.

I have a feeling a lot of these guys go from one virtual currency/item provider to the next scamming each one of us. It'd be very useful to compile a directory of offenders that could be referenced. This would obviously have to be strictly moderated and I don't know enough about the legal side of things to know if something like this could be considered libel (it's true so it shouldn't be right?) or what other privacy related laws are in place. Since most of us don't communicate with each other, these guys can move freely about the virtual market running scam after scam.

UOTreasures does has a running list of eBay/PayPal scammers posted as sticky on their forums.


good point. There needs to be a community wide ban list set up.


Maybe that should have been "GOM Hacked?" at least. It wasn't hacked, as Jamie has pointed out, but simply been the victim of chargeback fraud. A very very common occurence on the web that every single online business must deal with (and offline businesses).

Notice how ludlow picked it up and restated your headline. No doubt this is going to traverse the Web and possibly leak into corporate media.

Let's all be a little more careful here and do a little research about what we say before we start shooting ourselves in our virtual feet..


Otherwise next thing you know everyone is going to go around saying that Everquest has an economy larger than Russia .. errr


Just a note about the Secret Service, having dealt with them on more than one occasion in the past: It's pretty hard to interest them unless there's at least $50,000 in losses.


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