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Sep 10, 2004



Looking forward to reading it... neat to see Aleks writing with her academic hat on.

Relatedly, Dr. Mortensen just posted this little snippet on her blog: "One woman and 98 men in Southern Methodist University's Guildhall school of video game making."



I think Aleks had her business writing hat on for this one. With matching academic accessories. I'm sure they were all Louis Vuitton ;)

The article mentioned by Dr. Mortensen has an interesting quote from Ismini Roby about the dangers of stereotyping games for women: "We don't all like pink, and we don't all like the same types of games...The reality is that women like a variety of genres. Saying differently is like saying all men like science fiction movies."

I imagine one of the challenges of writing this white paper was properly conveying this point clearly and effectively.

Cheers to Jennifer Canada, the one woman among 98 men at SMU.


Betsy> business writing hat

Oops, you're quite right...


I also look forward to reading this, especially after the past couple of days here in Austin.

Getting to meet some TN folks face to face was great. I know I will have left out some names but Ted's keynote was fantastic. I also had the absolute pleasure of meeting and having dinner with Aleks, T.L., and Mia here Thursday night. It was truly an honor for me to get to be around such brilliant folks! Had I not been busted up recovering from my stupid broken leg and still cruising around on a cane, I probably would have sat around all night listening and talking with them. :)

And I know there will be much more written about this later but I'd like to give early applause to everyone involved at any level with the Women's Game Conference. Every part of the event that I attended was quite interesting, very enlightening, and informed me on a lot of things going on in the industry that I either was a little naive towards or something that I can now see from a completely new perspective. This was a great start for a conference, and I hope that it's planned to run concurrently again with AGC as an annual event.

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