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Sep 22, 2004



I prefer to see a Terra Nova Round Table inside Second Life so that all of this discussion is caught on record in a story book fashion. Writers and superegos alike can debate inworld with avatars and other smart-alecs who think they're up to par, like me.

But really, is there some irony here or what? Shouldn't there be a Terra Nova Shire? Doesn't it make sense for a website like this to possibly make some money off of dwellers by setting up a strong virtual community? Well, we got the community, it IS virtual, so let's just insert it already. Or do I have to start Peltaira Nova?


The mystery person is Alistair Riddoch from Southampton University. He's the lead programmer for WorldForge and his favourite word is recalcitrant. Very nice guy.


I believe the someone in the "Raph, Brian Green, Cory Ondrejka, Damion Schubert, someone, and Christopher Allen" picture is Tim Schubert, Damion's younger brother.


Here are some more: Ted and Angela, Andres Says Hello, Lets go to work.


Walking next to me (me with the thumb up) is Roger McFarlane from Ubisoft.


Wow. That's funny. The TN gang look like some serious lushes in those Sightings pics! Drinks and empties everywhere :)

Terra Blotto


Eeeepppsss! Boy, do I really cringe when I see pictures with me in them...sigh.
Anyhow...the guy with me at the table (Angela
Butler and ??)
is Greg Jones, Professor in Computer Science (it's probably
CIS and he is going to shoot me for getting it wrong!!) from North Texas U. He
has developed a 3D virtual environment that he plans to use in educational settings
with kids, although I can see more uses for it than that. :) Created

The other picture with unidentified female TN gatherers--The woman on the
left Damion knows. I got the impression she might work with him. And the woman
on the right is Trisha Thomas and is Mark's other half I believe.


Ooopss. Greg's site is http://created-realities.com/ . I forgot the dash and that will take you something else completely. :)

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