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Aug 24, 2004



"Mildly interesting", you say?


Jeff Freeman>"Mildly interesting", you say?

Actually, he said "almost mildly interesting". If he reveals anything that actually is mildly interesting, you can report him for false advertising. Hey, that amount of interest could be just enough to distract you while you're driving and cause some kind of accident!



It's hard to decide if Virtual Girlfriend is more insulting to women or to men. It could very well be a tie.


The implication is that to get a date and make her happy, you need to spend a lot of money. That should be welcome news to geeks, because geekyness is strongly related with earnings potential.

On the other hand, geeks might be intelligent enough to recognize this as the scam it is, and prefer to satisfy their hormonal urges by the time-honored method of looking for porn on the internet.

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