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Jul 16, 2004



It's refreshing to see a sane, well-reasoned legal opinion regarding the subject of violence in games. Thinking about the law, I couldn't help but be reminded of the restrictions that were placed upon motion pictures once upon a time--including the rule that no film should ever depict a dead police officer. Thse conventions were thrown out long, long ago. What is it about games that makes people more willing to legislate, censor, or restrict their content than they are with other media--comic books, movies, music, whatever?

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I really enjoyed reading this. It was well thought out, and I also agree of how violence in game is growing and how nothing is really done.


First-person Video Game violence is more threatening because it is more objective and realistic. It is more objective because the user is simulating the act of violence in the first-person perspective as opposed to reading it or watching it in the third-person perspective. It is more realistic because the graphics are getting better.

The proposed legislation may be shot down due to ineffective language, but a better worded legislation may pass in the near future.


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