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Jun 22, 2004



As I've noted previously: Avatar Heal Thy Self (terranova.blogs.com/terra_nova/2004/05/avatar_heal_thy.html) there is actually quite a lot of hard core research going on in the medical uses of VR.
So it might not be sexy any more, but it has tured out to be useful.


That's right.

I suppose I shouldn't have used the adjective "discredited." I actually meant something more like "egregiously overhyped by marketers a decade ago," which is the way the article describes VR.


Another story today on the medical uses of VR.



greglas >I suppose I shouldn't have used the adjective "discredited."

I think it was a fine adjective, as both the term and its connotations have been largely discredited in the public sphere. Now that there is real value coming out of all the research, it’s probably time for a re-branding exercise.


From CNN: "Potentially, people paralyzed by disease or accidents could use such [direct-to-brain] devices to work, read, write and even possibly to move around."

Um, duh. And what about the much more likely possibility that hundreds of millions of people will use intense videogame interfaces to get their rocks off in innumerable ways on a 24/7/365 basis??? Amazing how the more obvious implications get overlooked in favor of mundane and less threatening ones.


I didn't know this technology was bi-directional. That's a whole other story, and exponentially harder.

Or is that not what you meant?

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